male dwarf noncombatant


Not a combatant.
Acts on Initiative 0 and moves away from threats.
15 hp; AC 12, Fort 12, Ref 12, Will 12; Speed 6.
MBA +0 1d4 unarmed or 1d8 armed with makeshift weaponry.


Adronsius is an alchemist from Brindol.

Adronsius is a prisoner in Rivenroar. For some reason, the hobgoblins are particularly keen on beating dwarves, and Adronsius has borne the brunt of their physical abuse.

When Adronsius was brought to the upper level for an interrogation session, he saw Jalissa. Because he’s a dwarf, Adronsius remembers the way pretty well—for a guy who was blindfolded. It was “down the stairs, straight across the entry chamber, turning left in the room that smelled of goblin, then left again in the room with the sound of a large, swaying piece of cloth or tapestry, around two right corners, then through a cold room that smelled of the dead, then up the stairs to a room with a sticky floor, right and up another set of stairs, then through a dusty room and left through a door. That good enough directions for ya?”


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