female eladrin noncombatant


Not a combatant.
Acts on Initiative 0 and moves away from threats.
15 hp; AC 12, Fort 12, Ref 12, Will 12; Speed 6.
MBA +0 1d4 unarmed or 1d8 armed with makeshift weaponry.

Jalissa isn’t a spellcaster, but she is trained in the arcane arts (Arcana +10) and knows the following rituals: comprehend language, silence, and eye of alarm (she would need to be given residuum by the party to use any of them, though).


Jalissa is an acolyte of Ioun from Brindol.

Jalissa is a prisoner in Rivenroar (location unknown).

Jalissa knows that Thurann, the 8-year-old boy, is being held somewhere nearby—she heard him shouting only a few hours ago. They were held together in the room where you found her until the morning, and Thurann proved adept at stealing food for himself and Jalissa.


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