male human noncombatant (child)


Not a combatant.
Acts on Initiative 0 and moves away from threats.
15 hp; AC 12, Fort 12, Ref 12, Will 12; Speed 6.
MBA +0 1d4 unarmed or 1d8 armed with makeshift weaponry.


Thurann is a boy living in Brindol with his father, Kartenix.

Thurann was a prisoner in Rivenroar.

Thurann is 8 years old.

Thurann’s father was also a prisoner and is now deceased.

Thurann is a brave, observant boy. He appears to be handling his ordeal better than many of the adults. He even stole food for Jalissa and himself.

Since he reached Rivenroar, Thurann spent most of his time with Jalissa while keeping an eye out for his father. Thurann also knows that “the old witch” Zerriksa is being held in a “magic circle just beyond the big room with all the mushrooms downstairs”; the hobgoblins brought Thurann down there to threaten him in front of Zerriksa.


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