female tiefling tactical warlord, Storm's End Company


Standing at 5’9", Triumph is a relatively impressive physical specimen, well muscled, solidly built and certainly not flimsy, but at the same time not “mannish,” if you will. A strong woman, but a woman still. Her complexion is a ruddy reddish-brown, just one of several indications of the devil-taint in her ancestry, assuming the large, sharp-ridged tail didn’t give you your first clue. Dagger-pointed ears, a faint predatory sharpness to her teeth, and several smaller “horn” growths dotting her forehead and shoulders further drive the point home. Still, she maintains a human form for the most part.

The more significant physical identifiers (if you, again, ignore the presence of her tail) are the stag-like horns that have grown from her temple, and the unique coloration of her eyes. Jet-black sclera and a nigh-luminescent yellow iris make her gaze somewhat unsettling, but not much more than any other child of Bael Turath.

Her hair is cut in a rather interesting manner. Kept to only about an inch long on the sides, the width of the top of her head (extending in a stripe down the back) has been allowed to grow quite long. Fed through a sandalwood “box” which splits the ponytail into tails, her hair reaches about the middle of her back.

Her clothing is not particularly flattering, and tends to make her look more boyish than she would otherwise. A robe of green silk, with a long left sleeve and shorter right, ornamented with golden thread. It falls down to roughly her knees, but has been slit from the hip down on both sides, allowing unrestricted movement. The robe conceals lamellar armor, golden yellow colored, which protects her vitals from damage. Beneath that, simple cream clothes are worn. A pair of darker boots are worn on her feet, well-worn from travel.

Though she is usually clean and professional in her appearance, it is not uncommon to find her fingers becoming steadily more and more blackened by quill ink should she be stopped in any given town for a few days.


© Lindsey Alvord. Used with permission from Tumblr


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