female human noncombatant (elderly)


Not a combatant.
Acts on Initiative 0 and moves away from threats.
15 hp; AC 12, Fort 12, Ref 12, Will 12; Speed 6.
MBA +0 1d4 unarmed or 1d8 armed with makeshift weaponry.


Zerriksa is an herbalist and rumored witch from Brindol.

Zerriksa was a prisoner in Rivenroar.

Zerriksa resisted as passively as a woman in her seventies could manage. A naturally cranky woman, she made her captors more than a little miserable.

Zerriksa played on the rumors in Brindol and intimated she might have “dark powers,” hoping that she’d scare the hobgoblins into treating her better. Her plan worked—to a point. The hobgoblins put Zerriksa inside a magic trap, hoping she wouldn’t be able to turn them into toads once she was inside. The party rescued her.


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