• General page about gods.

Gods commonly worshiped in civilized areas:

  • Avandra, goddess of change, luck, freedom and travel. (halflings, merchants, adventurers)
  • Bahamut, god of justice, protection, nobility and honor. (metallic dragons, paladins, monarchs)
  • Corellon, god of spring, beauty, the arts and arcane magic. (artists, musicians, fey, elves, eladrin)
  • Erathis, goddess of civilization, invention, cities and law. (rulers, judges, pioneers, devoted citizens)
  • Ioun, goddess of knowledge, skill, prophecy and study of magic. (sages, seers, tacticians, wizards)
  • Kord, god of storms, battle, strength and prowess. (fighters, athletes, those who hope for better weather)
  • Melora, goddess of the wilderness and the sea. (rangers, hunters, elves, sailors)
  • Moradin, god of creation, stone, metal and craft. (miners, smiths, dwarves)
  • Pelor, god of the sun, summer, time and agriculture. (most humans, paladins, rangers)
  • The Raven Queen, goddess of death, fate and winter. (most people respect but fear her)
  • Sehanine, goddess of the moon, autumn, trickery and love. (elves, halflings, lovers, thieves, scouts)

Gods not worshiped openly in civilized areas:

  • Asmodeus, god of tyranny and domination. (devils)
  • Bane, god of war and conquest. (militaristic humans, goblins)
  • Gruumsh, god of destruction, slaughter and pillage. (orcs)
  • Lolth, god of shadow, lies and spiders. (drow)
  • Tiamat, god of wealth, greed and envy. (chromatic dragons)
  • Torog, god of the Underdark, imprisonment and torture. (jailers, torturers, Underdark denizens)
  • Vecna, god of undead, necromancy and secrets. (evil wizards, spies)
  • Zehir, god of darkness, poison, assassins and snakes. (yuan-ti)

Dead or otherwise abnormal gods:


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