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Overlook Invasion Narrowly Averted

Hear ye, hear ye, good citizens of Overlook! The Council of Elders recognizes the deeds of the band of adventurers known as the Storm’s End Company.

These brave and noble heroes, at great cost to life and limb, journeyed from their discovery of the tragic events at the Monastery of the Sundered Chain to the Vents, and personally sealed off the ancient ruins that would have allowed the orcish horde free access to the farms and lands of Overlook!

We honor Storm’s End, and welcome them to remain in Overlook for as long as they wish.

Glory to Overlook, and Long Life to the Elders!

Overlook Militia Augmented by Adventurers

Hear ye, hear ye, good citizens of Overlook! The Council of Elders has heard your concerns about the rising horde of orcs to the west, and has added to the militia by means of adventurers from across the Vale!

These companies of stalwarts, all experienced at fighting against evil encroaching on the Elsir Vale, bring with them the Vale’s best and brightest minds, sharpest and strongest arms, and stoutest and most fearless souls.

With the approaches to Overlook guarded by the likes of The Farstriders, whose deeds even now gain renown outside the Vale itself; they defeated the black dragon Baokazir and ended his reign of terror over Drellin’s Ferry, evicted the nest of kobolds near Hillwatch, and even traveled to the Shadowfell itself to defeat an infestation of undead in the Rhest area!

To fill the ranks, many other less illustrious adventuring bands even now travel the passes of the Stonehomes to root out any orcish scouts.

Glory to Overlook, and Long Life to the Elders!

Flyer posted in Brindol

Attention All Adventurers!

The Keep at Bordrin’s Watch, the Gateway to the Elsir Vale, has been held against raiders by the dwarves of Overlook for centuries. The Elders of Overlook now call on you, brave adventurers of the Elsir Vale and environs, for aid in our time of great peril.

    Glory, Renown and monetary Reward are yours for assisting the defense at Bordrin’s Watch from a rampaging orcish army from the wild lands west of the Stonehome Mountains.

    Inquire at Caer Overlook before the end of this month.

Older News

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