Arda 4e - Scales of War

Rescue at Rivenroar

(Arda Campaign, Adventure 1): Elsir Vale, attack by hobgoblins, rescuing kidnappers and plundered treasures

The party arrived in the Elsir Vale. Shortly after their arrival, as they discussed where they wished to concentrate their efforts in exploration, the city of Brindol was attacked by hobgoblins under command of Sinruth. When the dust settled, the party was asked by Councilman Eoffram Troyas to rescue seven kidnapped citizens of Brindol, and recover several treasures stolen by Sinruth’s hobgoblins from the Brindol Hall of Heroes.

After the party tracked the invading band to the ruined castle of Rivenroar and began exploring, it became apparent that the dungeon was home to a small group of undead in league with Sinruth as well as a small cult of Vecna in the process of raising more undead.

Finally, the party prevailed, defeating Sinruth and his unholy allies and, while Kartenix, the captain of the Brindol guard, did not survive his captivity, the party was able to rescue the six remaining kidnapped: Jalissa the acolyte of Ioun, the stolid dwarven apothecary Adronsius, the shaken cook Mirtala, Sertanian the Castellan of the Hall of Heroes, Kartenix’s son Thurann, and the old herbalist Zerriksa.

On Sinruth’s body, the party discovered a letter.

During the search of Rivenroar, the kobold Abit departed, and the party allied with a dragonborn avenger, Korrek, who was in search of the Vecnite cultists.


Shrike Shrike

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