Standing at 7’1", Weoren is on the short side for a Minotaur, but that likely means little to those she runs into. After a certain point, Really Tall is just Really Tall. She is smokey grey in color with dark eyes.

Her armor is about what you’d expect for a shaman—although the vine motif is suspiciously labyrinthine. There are metal end-caps on her horns, and from the wear and tear on them, they aren’t just for decoration.

Her spirit companion takes the form of a large bear.


Weoren traveled the world in the wake of her brother, who lost the battle with his bestial nature. She did his best to set aright the destruction he caused, but usually got herself run out of town more often than not simply by appearing. Eventually some city guards put an end to him, and she settled for simply…wandering, finding it simpler to set things in the world aright when it wasn’t one of her own people who caused the problem to begin with.

She isn’t “good”, per se, so much as she is a woman who seeks balance, the preservation of nature, and busy hands to keep herself from sliding down the same dark path.



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